Discover Morocco, 5 day tour by Al-Andalus Experience, starting from Casablanca Airport (CMN)

A select guided and flexible choice for you into Andalusia, Spain & beyond!

Discover Morocco

5 nights, 6 days

*extendable and connectable 

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 you can have us by your side & in your pocket  along with your day by day guide  by locations, containing insights, scheduled visits & every step of your plan, from arrival to departure. we are open to choice in service & hotel standards 


Discover Morocco: Imperial & Exotic

‘A rich taste of Moroccan Tradition & Culture’

5 night, 6 day experience in North Morocco. ‘


Explore Morocco’s Imperial history and most exotic traditions. The itinerary illustrated here is flexible from 4 to 11 days and over, by adding a City Escape to Marrakech ahead or our Merzougah-Ouarzazate route to the dessert. Towards our scheduled groups we have planned to start at Casablanca Airport and then advance upwards through our itinerary planned over 4 nights to conclude at Tangier, the closest point to Spain. This will allow travelers willing to continue and ‘Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain’, by connecting to Tarifa through an hour Sea ferry ride from Tangier. Those not travelling to Spain will continue to Casablanca or Tangier airport for departure after 4 nights.