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Halal, Eco-Friendly Gatherings & Traditional Learning Events

A tradition of apprenticeship since 2007, to train knowledgeable, versatile and multi-talented local Muslim travel guides and assistants, makes us pionners in "Muslim Friendly Travel". A sound heart-mind-body balance, ample knowledge, wisdom and know-how is crucial to our service. Many Muslim travel guides, started out with Al-Andalus Experience, we choose the best for each occasion,

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We can include any of our workshop schedules within our planned itineraries. Weaved into any tours or booked as custom study field trips. We help you plan "Traditional Andalusi Arts & Crafts" workshops such as: Ceramics, Leather Crafts, Islamic Calligraphy, Decorative Arts, Geometry in Nature & Art, Andalusi Garden Design, Traditional Olive Cultivation and Oil Extraction, Tajweed (Quranic recitation) and other Traditional Andalusi and Islamic studies.

Whether traveling or simply gathering, we breed familiarity amongst the most singular event venues, helping you with group invitations, marketing, lively activity agendas, catering, transport & logistics for large or small private group events.

Package Deals: Our Most Travelled Routes

Being the first organisation in Spain to offer a Muslim friendly and halal travel service, we have trained upon a clockwork performance through the most demanding schedules, for worldwide travel agency groups of all sizes since 2007. We do our best to stay first in that which we set as a trending Muslim travel offer into Spain & beyond.

Ancestrally a crossroad of culture and civilisations, we like to invite travellers to include Andalusia, as a main stop in any routes into Europe, Spain,  Morocco or Portugal.

Our tour managers are well known to vividly narrate the general story, contrasting the information provided by the Official Local Guides at each city center. City highlights and main Islamic heritage site tours are carried out by official UNESCO Heritage guides in Toledo, Cordoba, Seville, Granada and other cities when required by monument regulations, and then contrasted by our own guides’. As locals and as Muslim, we love to share knowledge and insight into the history of Al-Andalus, going beyond into European culture and our diverse Muslim communities today.

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