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Five Easy Steps to Saving on Your Family Vacations!

Traveling can be an expensive undertaking, especially if done as a family. Once airfare, transportation, accommodation and food have been added up, you may find yourself spending quite a fortune. And this is without including the cost of activities you plan on enjoying! As the economy continues to struggle, people are getting creative with planning out […]

May 2012 Workshop: The Art of Islamic Pattern

The geometrically oriented style famously characterized as Islamic art is one that has been celebrated and practiced for centuries. Because Islam forbids representational art in religious contexts, such as the depiction of Allah or his prophets, Muslim artists harnessed their strengths in the maths and sciences: wiith the help of a compass, rule, and basic […]

Al-Ghazali Retreat 2012

This year, Alqueria de Rosales’ annual Al-Ghazali Retreat will be held once more during the  holy month of Ramadan. Join them  August 2nd -9th to learn about  Imam Al-Ghazali, one of the greatest Muslim scholars. An authority in matters of law, theology, mysticism and ethics, his works span nearly 200 books. Alqueira de Rosales’ remote setting in the […]

Our Historical Revision’s 1st Edition

We present an exclusive insight into the history of Al-Andalus. In fact, the greatest motivation in our work is to research and promote an unbiased historical view. We intend to continue our work on this section until we have a well balanced equation and illustration of the History of Al-Andalus, however many pages and contrasting […]

1 & 2 day excursions and activities in Andalusia, Spain.

Please check our ‘Holiday Homes’ section for short term rent towards your holiday. Properties for short term holiday rents are an economic way to enjoy the historical cities, mountains or seaside areas of Andalusia at an easy pace and good standards. We can assist you with further activities such as nature tracking or horse riding […]