1 & 2 day excursions and activities in Andalusia, Spain.

Please check our ‘Holiday Homes’ section for short term rent towards your holiday. Properties for short term holiday rents are an economic way to enjoy the historical cities, mountains or seaside areas of Andalusia at an easy pace and good standards. We can assist you with further activities such as nature tracking or horse riding excursions throughout the year and skiing excursions in the winter.


The Arts & Crafts of al-Andalus

The Arts & Crafts of al-AndalusCaravan of Unity

CaligraphyAndalucian Rally 2010

Caravan of Unity Caravan of Unity



Festival Sufi de la UnidadAndalucian Rally 2010

Caravan of Unity



1 day visit to the Alpujarra mountain range, one of the last Muslim lands after the fall of Granada.

1 day visit to the coast including fortress towns from the Caliphate and Nazarí periods, by the Costa del Sol.

1 day visit to Ronda, fortress town and front defense of Nazari Granada. (To fit into day 4, before Granada).

1-2 days tour extension to Toledo, arrival and departure via Madrid.

1 day skiing excursion to Sierra Nevada mountains. (Dece mber-April)

1 day mountain activities and sports nearby Granada or other mountain ranges in Andalusia,

2-4 day tour extension in Granada to join workshops organized activities available on our calendar from Thursday to Friday.

1 day mountain trekking excursions along Natural Reserve tracks. Spring, early Summer and Autumn season.

1 day mountain trekking excursions up the Mulhacén, or Mulay Hashim mountain, highest peak in Spanish peninsula (June-September).

1-2 day tour extension to visit Azzagra Cultural Foundation and installations of Alqueria of Rosales, North East of Granada.

2 nights – 1 week accommodation at historical city center of Córdoba, Sevilla or Granada. From 70€/night per double apartment, 420€/week. 20€/Extra person/night.

2 nights – 1 week accommodation at rural cottage or villa from 80€/night for 4-6 people, 320€/week. Granada mountain ranges, Mediterranean or Atlantic coasts of Andalusia.




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