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Islamic Arts & Calligraphy Workshop: 2011-2012

This coming season, we offer a course in  Islamic Arts & Calligraphy. The course comes in two formats:

Ongoing Course: These take place weekly on Mondays and Thursdays,  in double, two hour sessions. Time and location or determined per event.

Intensive Course: This option is best suited for visiting guests. It spans four to five days and include a trip to the Alhambra Palace & Gardens, with an optional trip to Cordoba. Registration for the intensive option is once every two months.

The calligraphy portion of the course is taught by calligrapher and archaeologist,  Dr. Ihab Al-Oumaoui. The Islamic Arts is conducted every four months by our friend,   Adam Williamson, from London, and by our  Andalusian, local  crafts team.

For more information, please contact us!  A big thanks to our online platform, GroupSpaces,  which allows us to schedule our tours & events online, for the world to see and sign up!

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My name is Ahmad Zaruq Summers and I am Manager & Administrator at Al-Andalus Experience, in Spain. I live in Granada and this is my main daily activity. To attend the needs of world wide travellers seeking somewhat more from the rich heritage of Southern Spain than that offered by the regular tourism market, but yet unachievable to first time travellers. We are very happy that we can help you in what we best know, our very own land culture, to ‘Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain’, from it’s origin, until today. Thank you for your genuine interest and support.

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