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Al-Ghazali Retreat 2012

This year, Alqueria de Rosales’ annual Al-Ghazali Retreat will be held once more during the  holy month of Ramadan. Join them  August 2nd -9th to learn about  Imam Al-Ghazali, one of the greatest Muslim scholars. An authority in matters of law, theology, mysticism and ethics, his works span nearly 200 books. Alqueira de Rosales’ remote setting in the Southern Spain offers students a peaceful and  calm environment where they can relax and recharge.

About  Guest Lecturers:

Dr. Timothy Winter: also known as Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad, graduated from Cambridge University with a double-first in Arabic in 1983. He  lived in Cairo for 3 years, studying Islam under traditional scholars at Al-Azhar University. He later  resided in Jeddah, KSA for another 3 years, where he managed a commercial translation office and maintained close contact with Habib Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad and other scholars. In 1989, Dr. Winter  returned to England, spent 2 years at the University of London learning Turkish and Farsi. Since 1992 he has been a doctoral student at Oxford University, specializing in the religious life of the early Ottoman Empire. Sheikh Abdal Hakim is the translator of a number of works, including two volumes from Imam al-Ghazali’s Ihya Ulum al-Din. He currently holds office in the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Divinity.

Dr. Umar Abd-Allah: is an American Muslim, born in 1948 to a Protestant family in Columbus, Nebraska. He grew up in Athens, Georgia, where both parents taught at the University of Georgia. During his years abroad, Dr. Abd-Allah had the privilege of studying with a number of traditional Islamic scholars. He returned to Chicago in August 2000 to work as chair and scholar-in-residence of the newly founded Nawawi Foundation, a non-profit educational foundation. In conjunction with this position, he is now teaching and lecturing in and around the United States, Gambia, Canada and Europe.  He continues researching and publishing in Islamic studies and related fields. In 2006 he published A Muslim in Victorian America: The Story of Alexander Russell Webb (Oxford University Press),  a biography of  one of the most significant early American converts to Islam.

Fee Costs Include

Course fees and materials

Two shuttle pickups from Alicante August 2nd.

  • First shuttles will leave Alicante  at 15:00
  • Second shuttle will leave Alicante at 20:45
Two shuttle drop offs at Alicante August 9th
  • First Shuttle will leave Rosales at 13:00
  • Second shuttle will leave Rosales at 17:00
  • Suhoor, Iftar and dinner will be served on schedule, buffet style
  • Non-fasting individuals will be provided lunch after Thuhr prayer
  • Private swimming pool with designated male and female hours
  • Free WiFi available in restaurant and coffee bar area. Students must have their own computer devices for access.
  • Scheduled movie screenings
  • Out door BBQ
  • Thikr circles
  • Quraan recitation
  • Camp fires

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This year, Alqueria de Rosales will be offering baby sitting services for student families. For more information, click here.

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  • maryam khan says:

    How much is the retreat in english money. if its womans dorms or room with a bathroom?

    • medinatenour says:

      Salams Maryam! The Al-Ghazali Retreat happened last summer, though there may be plans for another one next summer. The site where it took place had men’s and women’s dorms, each with their own bathrooms. Will keep you posted on this blog about plans for next summer.

  • mohammed qayum says:

    can some one call me as i want to book a weeks accommodation in your campus for my family and me at end of june 2013.

    please contact via email or phone on 0754006 0791

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